Herbal Healing

mortar and pestleI love botanical medicine and its ability to help people naturally!  I work with my clients to look at the root cause of what is going on in their lives and body to cause dis-ease.  We take our time over a cup of tea and spend the hour looking into every aspect of who you are, how you have gotten to the point that you are at now, and what we can do to get you back on track to good health.  It is a team effort!

I work hard to come up with a protocol and formula for you to follow.  Your job is to follow it, being an active participant in your wellbeing.

I found my passion in healing with herbs when I was seventeen years old and went on a backpacking trip for a month.  When I was out in the high desert, I had a book of medicinal and edible plants of the southwest.  I was fascinated by the ability these plants had to help us.  That amazement and love that started was just the beginning of my journey in studying more about botanical medicine.  I began studying on my own, reading books, using herbs as an alternative to prescription drugs in my own life, and eventually for my family, too.

I have had formal training with Susan Weed and David Winston.  I have also continued my education at numerous symposiums and Herbal Conferences.  I have worked with friends and family for years, offering herbal alternatives.  I have volunteered time in free clinics to help those who cannot afford herbal medicine and I currently run a practice seeing clients for Botanical Medicine.

No matter how many times people come back thrilled by the benefits of taking herbs, I am still blown away by the power of these plants and their ability to heal us!


My mission is to deliver you the best.  That is true of my time and service.  I am here to educate you in the things that may benefit your health and wellbeing.  This is a partnership and I intend on giving you my best to support you in obtaining your optimal health and happiness.  I am also fully dedicated to giving you only the best quality herbs.  I only order from companies who are organic, bio dynamic, and in some cases where it is not a threat to the plant, wild-crafted.  I always make sure that the plants we are using in your individualized formula fit you like a glove.  Herbs are not a one-size-fits-all deal!  Each herb, just like each person, is so individual.  I work to make sure that the herbs you take match you and I continue to work with you to refine your formula if it needs adjusting.


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