About The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary for Healing Therapies is a refuge: a place to escape, to relax, and most of all, to heal.

I specialize in assisting clients work through chronic pain. I believe that when pain exists in your body, it takes root in your mind as well. My goal is to pay attention to both spheres, following a holistic approach that I have studied and practiced over the years—and that has since become my mission.

All treatments begin with a conversation; I will ask some questions about you to gain a broader understanding of what’s occurring in the body/mind, encourage you to do some breathing, and tap into the areas that require attention. I am with you as a vessel for your healing, a catalyst. I can guide you along through the work, encouraging relief, but the core healing can only occur if there is collaboration.

The Sanctuary is also a place for relaxation. I welcome people who simply need a place to relax for an hour or two, who have no other way to achieve that state.

You should think of my facility as your “Sanctuary.” Please feel free to come 20 minutes early for your appointment, pick out a book and curl up with a cup of tea or some water. Unwind and allow yourself to open up to the healing process.

I also offer a variety of workshops on the Healing Arts, with upcoming sessions on couples massage, herbal remedies, and other such topics. Check in with this site for dates and times.